Sony Kicks Off Twilight Football

Seven games of football played in seven spectacular locations over 24 hours. That was the premise those clever marketing boffins over at Sony came up with to promote their recently released digital imaging technology — Exmor.

Sony’s global 'Twilight Football' campaign kicked off on 22nd September and coincided with the Autumnal Equinox (northern hemisphere) and Vernal Equinox (southern hemisphere). The non-blood sucking event featured seven five-a-side football games played at twilight, beginning on a floating platform in Venice and ending on a game reserve in South Africa — home to the 2010 World Cup.

The matches were all about celebrating the launch of Sony’s brand spanking new Exmor camera range, and its ability to produce high-quality pics and footage, even in low light.

Other locales included the site of King Arthur’s Camelot in Cornwall (where the Australian team played), a glacier high atop the Alps, the legendary Plaza De Toros bullring in Malaga, Spain, Argentina’s breathtaking Iguazu Falls and our very own Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia.

Members of the general public were recruited as official match photographers (after all, what better way to put the camera technology to the test, than having amateur(ish) photogs capture the beautiful game). Nine FIFA referees and refereeing assistants were assigned to the matches. And Gizmodo were lucky enough to tag along for the ride (Geez, I love this job).

For more coverage of Sony’s ingenious Twilight Football event, watch this space. Or if that’s not enough, check out the event’s nice looking website, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr accounts for more info.


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