SMS My Ride Lets You Warn Other Drivers

TicketParkingNeed to notify another driver that they’ve blocked your car in, left their car lights on, or are about to get busted by a parking inspector? SMS My Ride lets you send a text to another driver using only their licence plate number.

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Last month, we featured Your Lights Are On!, a service which let you notify a driver if their lights have been left on simply by noting their plate number and sending it in an SMS to a dedicated number. SMS My Ride is from the same developers and uses the same logic, but with a wider range of options you can select by adding a keyword to the message, as the site explains:

* LIGHTS: You left your lights on
* BLOCK: You’re blocking me in
* PARK: Your parking meter has expired (or there’s an inspector nearby!)
* DANGER: I think someone might be breaking in to your car

As with the previous service, the effectiveness will largely depend on how many people register, but the expansion from just doing lights notification (which, as commenters pointed out, is handled in modern cars with warning beeps or similar options) to other issues is a nifty idea. It’s also sensible that all those options involve stationery cars, so there’s no danger of being accused of inappropriate use of a mobile phone while driving. SMS My Ride is free, requires registration.

SMS My Ride

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