Skinny Thighs Can Point To Poor Health

ThighsLean legs are often perceived as more attractive and healthier, but it turns out that having thighs that are too thin can increase your risk of a heart attack.

Picture by meltingmama

A widely-reported study Danish study in the British Medical Journal suggests that thighs which are less than 60 centimetres in circumference are a marker of a greater propensity to heart disease. The explanation is that a lack of muscle mass can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and other complications, including heart disease. Note that it's the muscle mass that's important — massive thighs layered with fat are obviously not a good indicator of health. If you need to get your thighs muscled up, learn how to devise an exercise program using seven key moves.

Large thighs 'may protect heart' [BBC News]


    As per usual, be vigilant in what you accept as truth, there could be other possibilities and factors.. And as the old saying goes..

    I always avoid leg exercises at the gym because I thought men should have larger upper bodies. The stereophonic "Y" or "V" shape of men.

    Damn, now I will start working on my legs. I got skinny thighs and calves.

    Thank goodness for my thunder thighs :D

    I am a 53 year old woman who has naturally skinny thighs that only measure 23in. I am nearly 6ft tall and weigh 13 stone - so slightly overweight, so your comments are confusing as it implies that people who have measurements of 23in or less are size 6 or 8 - (I wish)!!!

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