Shut Your Eyes When Brushing For Whiter Teeth

ToothDogWe told you a while back how switching your tooth-brushing hand can improve your willpower, but if it's shinier teeth you're after, then shutting your eyes may be a better bet.

Picture by hand nor glove

Reader Simon writes:

This may sound strange, but I have a brain-hack that gets you whiter teeth, and it’s free! Simply close your eyes while you are brushing your teeth. I have told people about this and you can get noticeable results inside two weeks. I guess that it works in two ways – first, since you’re brushing by feel you’re brushing where your mouth thinks it’s needed most, and second, you’re psychologically disassociating yourself from whatever else is going on in the normal rush to get ready in the mornings, thus putting yourself ‘in the zone’, if that makes any sense.

As with our previous teeth hack, your results may vary, but the experiment is unlikely to do you any harm. Thanks Simon!


    I think I'd fall over if I tried to brush my teeth with my eyes closed.

      ha ha ha ha ha. yeah I'd fall over or smash my head on the mirror or injure myself somehow :)

        why? One hand goes on the sink, one on the toothbrush. Open your eyes again so you can aim the spit!

      simple fix.. sit down!

        the vigorous motion would still unbalance me even on a chair

    I've been using a sonic electric toothbrush for 4 years and I just tend to zone out while it does its work. My dentist has never had less to do.

    It would be fun to try to guess how long you were doing it for as well. I bet if you looked it would be less than the prescribed two minutes. Might play this with my kids to see if it can get them to brush for longer:)

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