Set A Password On Your Outlook File

changeoutlookpasswordDon't want co-workers snooping on your Outlook mail? Setting a system password to lock your entire machine remains the best tactic, but for added security you can also set a password on the Outlook file itself.

Microsoft's Crabby Office Lady blog highlights a longstanding but often-ignored feature of Outlook for users accessing POP accounts and storing their mail in a PST file. The process, as explained on Microsoft's support site, is pretty straightforward — but remember not to save the password on your password list if you want a maximum degree of protection.

Of course, for that to be an effective strategy you need to pick a good password in the first place — and don't forget it, as if you do, the PST file will be pretty much irretrievable. Even if you're happy with your level of Outlook security, improve your experience with the top 10 Outlook boosters and our guide to speeding up Outlook.

Set a password to help protect your Outlook information [via Crabby Office Lady]


    And if you "forget the password" grab a nifty utility like this which can recover it for you...

    And don't forget that when your PST file crashes your password gets corrupted with it.

    But that is a non issue because there are lots of utilities around that can recover a password from outlook PST files. They ofter give you an answer that is nothing like your password but works just the same.

    My View: PST passwords are more troubble then they are worth.

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