Sesame Street Explains Recession To Your Kids

SesameStreet Dealing with a shrinking budget is difficult for any family, but just how do you go about explaining it to your children? One useful solution: deploy the Muppets.

Families Stand Together is an hour-long Sesame Street special, which deals with some of the challenges families face during economic downturns. In traditional Street fashion, the subject is dramatised via the Muppets: in this case Elmo, whose mother has lost her job, necessitating a few cutbacks and lifestyle changes. While most of what it says is pretty obvious, using familiar characters is a good way of helping kids feel less stressed if money is tight. Hit the link for the entire video, direct from the Children's Television Workshop site.

Sesame Street: Families Stand Together


    "Deploy the Muppets" indeed! It really is very important to talk to kids about these situations - keeping them in the dark isn't really possible (they're kinda smart ;) better to have an open and frank discussion about your financial situation. This video looks to be a brilliant ice-breaker to get the talk happening in your home. Way to go Children’s Television Workshop.

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