Remember Flea And Tick Checks As Summer Approaches

TicksWarmer weather might appeal to sun worshippers, but it's bad news for the furrier members of your family. Daily tick and flea checks are essential for dogs down under.

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An email from the Australian National Kennel Council (yes, Lifehacker has some unusual correspondents) points out that as summer approaches, regular tick and flea checks are vital to making sure your pet stays healthy. It's also important to avoid older folk myths about how to treat tick infestations, which can be fatal for many dogs. As ANKC spokesperson Dr Peter Higgins explains:

It is best to feel for a tick NOT look for one. If owners do find a tick NEVER apply metho or turps to the area as this will cause the tick to inject all its venom at once. Instead, remove it with a small pair of scissors and then get to to the vet ASAP.

For fleas, Higgins points out (as any responsible dog owner knows) that you also need to treat bedding and carpet to ensure that fleas don't continue breeding.


    I can't agree with this enough. We lost a dog to a paralysis tick a few years ago, and it was very painful for all involved (especially the poor dog). They're so dangerous, and it's so easy to check over your pet when you're grooming them or petting them, so there's no reason not to!

    Paralysis ticks are relatively easy to recognise, as they're large and an odd shade of gray. If a dog is ill or weak and behaving oddly, check for the nasty little bugs. Their toxin can work surprisingly fast.

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