Rate The Loo Helps You Find The Best Toilets

RateALoo Need a public toilet but don't want to risk visiting a grime-encrusted horror? Rate the Loo offers community-driven review of public toilets across Australia.

Combining the community-voting model seen everywhere from Digg to StreetAdvisorwith the existing National Public Toilet Map, RateTheLoo lets you search for toilets and see (or leave) comments on how well they're maintained. The site was launched as part of Start-Up Camp Canberra over the weekend, so the coverage is currently a bit thin, but with luck it will grow over time.

A small nasty part of me thinks people who need to go that badly can't afford to be fussy, but for advance planning before family outings, this could be invaluable.

Rate the Loo</a


    I wonder how they got around the problem of copyright?

    The data on the National Public Toilet Map website is copyright to the Commonwealth (although sadly not it's people) and any commercial use (such as this) is apparently prohibited.

    WTF - Serious, thats great....ppl come up with some strange things

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