Postbox Out Of Beta, $US39.95 For Licence

Postbox Out Of Beta, $US39.95 For Licence

Windows/Mac: Postbox, the attachment-savvy desktop email manager we toured during its beta, hit an official 1.0 release. You can try the finished product free for 30 days, or buy a single-user licence for $US39.95.

Postbox has been busy adding features, functionality and search refinements with frequent beta releases. Just two months ago, they loaded in add-on support, and now that list of supported extensions includes the killer Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar combo, support for Growl notifications, the MozBackup service, optimisation utilities, and much more. As Web Worker Daily points out, there’s also a bunch of new Gmail-like search operators to work with, in the style of from:jason.

Windows and Mac users can give Postbox 1.0 a look for 30 days free before the software asks for a registration, and there are family pack and lifetime registration options available. Tell us if you’re digging Postbox, or have long ago left desktop email behind, in the comments.

Postbox 1.0 Now Available! [Postbox via Web Worker Daily]


  • What a load of tight arses here. $40 is nothing for a feature packed useful piece of software that deals with very important things (emails). They have advertised for a while that after beta it will cost you and have even run special deals so the beta users here who are surprised at the price must not have been intelligent enough to use all the features anyway.

    • I used it for almost a year – but now I am off and back to Thunderbird! For a program to charge $40 that is based off Thunderbird to begin with is pretty intense. I would honestly think about it for $20 – but $40 is simply not acceptable. Bye bye Postbox – I guess you won’t find to many users … Looking out for the next great program next to Thunderbird.

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