Perkler Tracks Your Loyalty Programs Online

perklerCan't keep track of all the different ways you can earn points on the multiple loyalty programs you're a member of? Perkler tracks deals across hundreds of Australian schemes, letting you know about the latest special offers associated with loyalty schemes.

The concept is pretty simple: you can join Perkler and add the schemes you're a member of to your 'wallet' to keep track of new deals and ways of earning extra points. The listing seems pretty comprehensive, covering all the major airlines and car clubs and plenty of retails stores. With that said, the information on each scheme varies in accuracy (for instance, the description of Everyday Rewards doesn't currently note the Qantas tie-in, even though earning extra points is listed among the current "perks").

There's also an iPhone app for accessing the site. Perkler is free to use, and you can browse the site freely without joining if you don't want to disclose personal details. For an overview of what you can get from the two big supermarket loyalty programs, check out our guide to Everyday Rewards and FlyBuys.



    Hi ya Angus,

    thanks for the coverage - appreciate the review.

    I guess we haven't mentioned the Qantas tie-in with Everyday Rewards right up front in the description because of the 1800 programs on the site lots have similar third part deals. That's why the ability to 'earn' with Qantas is in the perks, rather than the description.

    The iPhone app has been approved by the itunes store and is undergoing some final testing so isn't available to consumers yet - we'll let you know when it's ready to go.

    Justin Barrie

      Not mentioning every detail is fair enough, but what the summary says is "Fuel savings is still the backbone of this program. Will there be more...lets hope!" which is just inaccurate at this point, I'd say.

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