Optus Offers iPhone Billing Tracker Application

OptusMyAccountNot sure if you've chewed up all your data allowance on your Optus iPhone? While you've always been able to check your account details online, Optus is now offering a free iPhone application to keep track of that information.

One you've signed up for Optus online 'My Account' service (for either prepaid or postpaid models), you can track your usage patterns and available credit using the free app. Optus' launch will presumably spell death for the several paid applications which serve the same function — for one thing, they can't offer unmetered access for downloading and using the application, or include top-up and bill payment options. Optus does warn that the data can be out of date by up to 24 hours.

Optus My Account [iTunes Store]



    Looks pretty good to me. I'll miss my paid-for mobile usage app.
    (I'll probably still use it though to see how accurate it is compared etc etc. )

    Considering this (and probably the others) are all using some form of screen scrape to collect the information, I'd suggest they would all have zero rated usage (including 3rd party usage apps), because the information all comes from the same source.

    @Hugh: Why would Optus need to screen scrape?

    I really hope Telstra follows as this would be very handy.

    Its about time that Optus be more transparent on their billing.

    Is there one for Symbian?

    It's nice that they've made their own (this one won't go down if they change the website obviously). However the 3rd party ones have usage vs time much more visible. I've tried iQuota and mobile usage optus, iQuota being the one I use now.

    This official app will probably help track how much you're spending but the others would seem much better at keeping under your limits.

    Nice features like "My Bills" make this a handy app but for day to day use I'll stick with iOptusUsage. The way the official app calculates plan costs seems confusing... I want to know how much of my included data I've used not what it would theoretically cost me at their normal rates

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