Opera Mini 5 Packs In Speed Dial And Password Management

Java-enabled phones: Opera Mini, the saviour of phones with less-than-awesome pre-installed browsers, is available in in a beta version of its fifth release, with an overhauled look, tabbed browsing, Speed Dial startup links, password management and more helpful tweaks.

The core features of Opera remain from the current 4.2 version, including the ability to turn on Turbo pre-cached content on slow connections and general speed improvements. New to this version are browser-top tabs, a password manager that asks if you want to save credentials after you successfully log in, and a new look and feel for the address and button toolbars. More of what's new is covered in the Mini 5 beta's video guide:

Opera Mini is a free download that works on many Java-enabled phones; a full guide to which phones are officially supported is available at the link below. Browsing on mobile right now? Head to m.opera.com/next to grab a download now.

Opera Mini [via CNET]


    the video looks good but don't use it on htc hero its a complete mightmare of a browser on that phone!

    it is clumsy and just crap!
    among many annoyances, the one which is just retarded is: when entering in your password to a site it first takes you to just a big blank white text area.. then you have to bring your keyboard up.. and it automatically has dictionary on so if you have a non word password it throws all kinds of suggestions up.. AND!!! > if your password or username has a period (.) in it.. it starts a new word once you type . in! To top of the annoyance.. when you realize its christmas time and you have finally put your user and password in, you have to then bring up press the "menu" button and select the "accept ✔" option.


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