Officeworks iPhone App Has Product Listings, Store Locations

OfficeworksiPhoneAt Lifehacker, we freely admit to having something of an office supplies fetish. That might well be a pre-requisite for installing the Officeworks iPhone application, which lets you browse 15,000 items from the office supplies giant. Mmm, staplers.

The app doesn't include any online shopping support, but can be used to locate the nearest store, presuming you don't just jump straight into Mobile Safari. You can build a wish list for future purchases, which is a potentially useful option — I'll fess up to already having a "stuff I might buy in Officeworks one day" list on my BlackBerry, even though the chain doesn't offer FlyBuys any more.

Officeworks iPhone app


    I'm also someone that obsesses over office supplies - i think it's something to do with trying to keep organised!

    I think it's really interesting when the difference between a webpage and an iphone app gets blurred.
    That Officeworks would go to the trouble of making an iPhone app to give users the kind of information they could browse to in Safari is quite amazing.
    But it proves that with the rich interface provided by the iPhone, it is worth a company's while to make an iPhone app.
    Perhaps it also shows how easy Apple has made it for companies to make iPhone apps.
    So does this amount to a serious attack on Google's assertion that there is no future for the App Store because the future is web apps?
    I'm finding my self using more web apps than ever before on my Mac. But I always love it when a native Mac app proves to me that they're still worth paying for.

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