Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5.3 With Security And Stability Fixes

Mozilla pushed Firefox 3.5.3 to servers this afternoon, fixing several security and stability issues. There's nothing terribly exciting in this release, but it's always good to make sure you're using the most stable and secure release, so go to Help -> Check for Updates to upgrade to 3.5.3. If you're really curious, check out the full changelog here. [Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 Release Notes]


    Firefox 3.5.3 keeps crashing when ever I do a control + F5. Any one having the same trouble? It could be our internal proxy, not sure at this stage. IE works fine, infact forced to use IE now :(

    It is nearly 12 a.m. central time (Fri.) and my Firefox has not worked all day. Shut down system three times --it was an automatic update. This better improves tomorrow as I depend on Firefox for nearly all of my internet and my highest security transactions.

    Adblock Plus has stopped working following the update. Have remover and reinalled several times.
    Adds aren't yesterday anymore!

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