Microsoft Targets Linux With Latest Chart-Based Propaganda

Microsoft's marketing team considers ridiculously skewed charts to be a killer weapon in the war on competitors, so it's only natural that they'd provide retail store employees with a surreal "comparison" between Windows 7 and Linux to explain for customers.

The chart is part of an ExpertZone training course provided by Microsoft to retail employees at stores like Best Buy. After the training, the employees are expected to be able to better explain the merits of software like the soon-to-launch Windows 7. Microsoft felt it necessary, however, to specifically compare Windows 7 to Linux—something we usually save for the particularly emotional commenters.

In this case, though, it has to be pointed out that Linux can and does play "the games your customers want", specifically the World of Warcraft example mentioned, through the WINE project, and the idea that Linux has compatibility with "few" cameras, iPods, MP3 players, printers and scanners is definitely a stretch of a justification for a stark comparison. Linux, in fact, keeps legacy support intact for many of the printers, scanners, and other devices that Windows Vista and 7 have left behind, and generally supports models from the major manufacturers.

Video chat on "all major IM networks" just got better on Linux, actually, with the release of Pidgin 2.6, and the lack of access to Windows Live Essentials has likely not caused many a netbook owner to make a red-faced return trip.

All that is not to say that a Linux machine, presumably a netbook in this case, is the best choice for any computer user not interested in configuring his machine a little if they're looking for app use beyond basic web surfing and document access. Let's hear your take on Microsoft's talking points in the comments.

Microsoft FUD of the year [ via Gizmodo]


    'Software Compatibility': Microsoft uses the term pretty loosely -- it could be interpreted to mean that software is compatible across all current OS platforms, in which case there is very little (perhaps OpenOffice, Firefox and most Open Source software would fall into this category), in that case Windows, Linux and OSX would all score close zero.

    Video Chatting: this is sadly true -- while MSN is amonst the worst crap available in this category, Linux apps haven't yet reached the 21st Century for personal communications -- for all versions of Linux there is NO Video Chat Client currently available (that is simple to setup, works reliably and supports VIDEO chat) a long way to go for what is such a simple need.

    Hardware compatibility: Vista had pretty abysmal hardware support when first launched, I wouldn't expect Win7 to be much better, it's probably better compared to Linux however given the manufacturer's support, but Linux is generally better than say, OSX support of 3rd party hardware.

    What a load of shit.

    I have just moved from Windows Vista to Linux Ubuntu (well technically I am dual booting), and I have had nothing but a positive experience from it.

    I'm not brilliant with computers, I work part time selling computers and printers and stuff. But I'm not as good as many people. However I found installing linux to be painless and enjoyable (anything that meant not running Vista anymore would be deemed enjoyable).

    As for the problems claimed by the Windows chart:
    -My mp3 player works BETTER than it did with Vista. My printer works fine (probably better again). My camera connects fine, as do all my USBs.
    -I have openoffice PRELOADED FOR FREE that does everything Office Home and Student does PLUS it converts files to Pdf format (which is awesome).
    -I dont need to pay for an antivirus program, a free online scanner to make sure I'm not giving WINDOWS users viruses is more than sufficient.
    -Firefox works better in linux than Windows (3.5 kept crashing when I ran it in Vista).
    -Windows live essentials? Wtf would we want that for....wont even bother rebutting that.
    -Games dont work??? The only games I play are capable of being run through Wine.
    -Authorized support? You want a laugh? I emailed Microsoft for support, they told to me call xyz number, I called them, after hours on the phone, I was told that Microsoft couldn't deal with the issue, and that I should contact my Antivirus company. In STARK CONTRAST...I posted on the linux ubuntu forums a load of newbie questions. I clicked refresh 2 mins later and already had 3 excellent replies that solved my problems.
    -Pidgin is a great replacement for MSN if you just want text. Otherwise AMSN and other programs have webcam (video) support.

    I'll stop before I explode in outrage.

    Why are articles from 2009 being listed on your site? I began reading then I was like wtf Windows 7? Might be time to do some archiving guys, or I'll be archiving my visits to your site ;)

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