Make Your Own Eco-Friendly, Germ-Annihilating Hand Sanitiser

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly, Germ-Annihilating Hand Sanitiser

What with the joys of H1N1, we’re all a bit more wary of germs lately. Keep the nasty illness spreaders away with this DIY hand sanitiser.

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Why would you want to make your own hand sanitiser when you can pick up a bottle in a chemist or supermarket? Many reasons: It could be cheaper to make in bulk, you get to control the ingredients (which is great for those with allergy issues), and you have the peculiar right to brag about yet another thing you made yourself. It might also help avoid issues associated with overuse of sanitisers.

You can earn those eco-friendly DIYer brag rights with instructions from Eco-centric blog, EcoSalon:

In a small bowl, mix ΒΌ cup each of pure aloe vera gel and grain alcohol with 5 drops of tea tree essential oil. To make it smell less pungent, add 5 drops of your favourite fragrance oil. Using a funnel, pour this blend into a bottle small enough to stash in your purse. (Rinse out an empty tube of makeup or lotion to make use of waste.)

Check out EcoSalon for more info on this DIY hand sanitiser as well as a recipe for a DIY surface disinfectant. And after your hands are reasonably clean, tell us about how you’re keeping the germs at bay (or about how you prefer to tough it out in the battle with them).

DIY Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant [EcoSalon]


  • for an almost uncountable number of years, man (and woman and child) have lived quite happily without all of this crap. is it nothing but a money making idea that now people believe that they must have in order to live. i’ll admit that there is some stuff i want to wash my hands after touching (like cleaning out the kitty litter) but what on earth is wrong with soap?! truth be told, water by itself is often more than enough. things like this are the reason for super bugs, eczema and asthma!! stupid people wrapping their children up in cotton wool, and then then after a period of time, their bodys actually need thr cotton wool..

    it’s funny how we have adverts on tv now telling us that we actually need bacteria in our bodys, and that there are good and bad types (and antibiotics kill them both).. maybe i should start up a business where i sell hand cream that has the good bacteria in it.. you know “Full Body Yakult”..

    • there are some very good reasons to minimise use of any kind of antibacterial/germicidal products, and unless you work in a hospital or pathology lab there’s no argument to use them several times a day (although Unilever and Johnson+Johnson would love you to think so). if nothing else, overusing these products will actually weaken your bodies’ natural immune defences.

      that said, Purell is a handy product for travellers, where you can’t depend on finding a restroom, or one that’s regularly cleaned — fecal bacteria are dangerous and public washrooms/toilets are covered in the stuff even if it’s not visible. H1N1 isn’t good either, of course.

      this sounds like a safe and cost effective alternative to Purell-type gels.

      • I agree completely. there is a time and a place. when i travel, i take soap sheets (about 1x2cm sheets) and always have water with me.. so problem solved again. this won’t suit everyone, so yeah things like this do have its place.

        i read something about washing your hands not stopping any sort of flu because it spreads by air and rarely by direct contact.. the virus dies as soon as your hands are dry..

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