Make That IKEA Concealed Laptop Desk Less Ugly

IKEAPSHaving a desk for laptop usage you can fold away when it isn't wanted is very handy in smaller living areas, but it can be hard to achieve that goal without a certain degree of, frankly, ugliness.

IKEA Hacker sums up the problem with the $99 IKEA PS fold-out laptop desk well: "The wall mounted PS Laptop Workstation is a neat idea, space saving and all but my only gripe is that it feels so "locker-ish" if you know what I mean." Furniture hacker John solved that problem by lining it with cork for a warmer, less industrial feel — and one that might also cut down on rattling noise.

Got your own means of keeping your laptop out of sight? Share it in the comments.

Corked out IKEA PS workspace [IKEA Hacker]


    Nice touch and an awesome unit. I have one problem though - they don't sell these anywhere anymore - I really want one!!! can anyone help?

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