2010 Schedule Now Up is one of the key geek gatherings down under. The schedule for next year's event, which is being held in Wellington (New Zealand, not New South Wales), has now gone live, promising sessions on everything from Wiimote hacking to the impact of Microsoft on open source. 2010 takes place from January 18-23, so if you're contemplating going, it would make sense to get in now while flights are still relatively cheap (registration opens later this month). Lifehacker will be attending — if anything on the schedule looks like a "must-report", point it up in the comments. 2010


    My Must-Report's:

    Fibre To The Premises -

    Teaching FOSS at Universities -

    The implications of using FOSS under Australian copyright and contract law -

    FOSS Fun With A Wiimote -

    An updated directory structure for Unix -

    But to be honest, if I could attend, I'd try to get to a lot more!

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