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  • Making The Best Of Airline Food
    Food served on a plane is never going to win major culinary awards, but there are some strategies you can adopt to maximise the airline meal experience.
  • How To Build A Hackintosh With Snow Leopard, Start To Finish Two years ago, I detailed how to build a Hackintosh for under $US800—then covered how to do the same with less hacking. Now that Snow Leopard's out, we're revisiting the Hackintosh, building a Hack Pro from scratch for roughly $US900.
  • iTunes 9 Improves Syncing, Network Sharing, More (Windows/Mac OS X) The biggest software announcement at today's Apple event comes in the form of iTunes 9, the newest release of the popular desktop media player.
  • Top 10 Food Hacks, 2009 Edition
    DIY KFC? Cheese preserved in butter? Self-serving pizza? Anything’s possible, as our Top 10 Food Hacks demonstrate.
  • Five Features We Want To See In Ubuntu Ubuntu isn't the only Linux operating system, but it's where the dream of a usable, completely free desktop is closest to reality. If every Ubuntu developer were assembled at one place, here are five things we'd ask them to accomplish.
  • YouTube Auto Buffer Makes The Popular Video Site A Lot Better (Firefox) The YouTube Auto Buffer Greasemonkey script tweaks the popular video sharing site to fix some of its most common annoyances. Specifically, it stops videos from automatically playing, turns on HD/HQ playback for all videos, and hides in-video advertisements.
  • Repeat 000 Time Wasters Will Have Their Mobiles Blocked
    About half the calls made to the 000 emergency number turn out to be inappropriate, so it’s not surprising that plans have been introduced to block the mobiles of people who repeatedly misuse the service.
  • Fold a World-Record-Setting Paper Airplane A few years back we pointed you toward the world's "best" paper aeroplane, and while we couldn't entirely back up the "best" claim, this Sky King paper aeroplane is a legitimate world-record holder.
  • iPhone And iPod touch OS 3.1 Available For Download (iPhone/iPod Touch) Apple today announced an update to iPhone OS 3.1, introducing a new "Genius" recommendation feature for the App Store, bug fixes and performance boosters, and several other small but worthwhile updates.
  • Google Search Box To Get Bigger
    Google doesn’t tinker with its main page too often, so a planned change to its search box — making it larger and increasing the font size for queries — is bound to get noticed.
  • Buy Legit Copies Of Popular Software For Less We try to primarily highlight freeware here on Lifehacker, but occasionally you need a piece of software that costs a pretty penny. Remember: Just because you can't get an app for free doesn't mean you can't still get it on the cheap.
  • Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5.3 With Security And Stability Fixes (Firefox) Mozilla pushed Firefox 3.5.3 to servers this afternoon, fixing several security and stability issues. There's nothing terribly exciting in this release, but it's always good to make sure you're using the most stable and secure release, so go to Help -> Check for Updates to upgrade to 3.5.3.
  • Turn A Radish Into A Power-Up Mushroom In Seconds Why not amuse and charm your party guests by garnishing a few dishes with these easy-to-make Mario-style Power-Up Mushrooms made of radishes? You might not get any extra lives, but there's some serious geek cred in this food hack.
  • Postbox Out Of Beta, $US39.95 for Licence (Windows/Mac) Postbox, the attachment-savvy desktop email manager we toured during its beta, hit an official 1.0 release. You can try the finished product free for 30 days, or buy a single-user licence for $US39.95.
  • Helvetical Turns Google Calendar Into A Thing Of Beauty Firefox/Chrome/Opera/IE: I've never found Google Calendar to be particularly unattractive—until I compared it to the sleek, clean look of Google Calendar with the Helvetical user script, that is.
  • Design Your Own Exercise Program Using Seven Key Moves Some people have the luxury of a personal trainer to create their exercise routines for them. For the rest of us, web site Dumb Little Man has outlined seven key movements worth considering when designing a fitness program.
  • Automatic Downloads New Torrents... Automatically (Mac OS X) Free preference pane Automatic lets you subscribe to virtually any content delivered via RSS, automatically downloading everything matching your preferences. That means podcasts, videocasts, and feeds of your favourite torrents—like for your favourite TV show.
  • How to Access Gmail When It's Down Last week’s Gmail outage is just the latest in a long series of outages in our favourite webmail application, but you don’t have to let that stop you from accessing your email and getting things done.
  • Better Gmail 2 Updates With Improved Favicon Alerts, Attachment Icon Options (Firefox) Just pushed the latest version of the Better Gmail 2 Firefox add-on I maintain to Mozilla Add-ons, now with new options for favicon alerts and attachment icons. Here are full details and the changelog.
  • Extend Your Razor's Life With A Pair Of Jeans If you use disposable razor blades, odds are they get dull more quickly than you'd like. Instructables points us to a video demonstration showing how to extend their utility with a pair of blue jeans.
  • Facebook Notifications Brings Facebook To Your Mac (Mac OS X) Free menu bar application Facebook Notifications brings notifications and status updates from the popular social networking site to your desktop.


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