Keep Razors Sharp With Mineral Oil

With premium razor cartridges costing as much as it does, it pays to squeeze extra use of every one of them. A bit of mineral oil can greatly extend the life of your razor. Photo by Photomish Dan.

Although nothing can indefinitely extend the life of a disposable razor, you can do your best to keep some of the more damaging elements at bay.

By drying your razor and placing it in some liquid that repels water—in this case mineral oil—you can prevent minerals from your tap water from depositing themselves on the blade and keep water itself away from the blade to decrease oxidation on the surface. Eventually the blade will need to be swapped out, but many people who rinse and submerge the blade in a cup of mineral oil report greatly extending the life of the blade.

For more ways to squeeze life out of your razor, check out the full article at Wisebread.

Save Money on Shaving with These Razor Tricks [Wisebread]


    I use Ozeoil from Australia, it contains all natural oils, my disposable razors seem to last months with a drop on the blades after a good rinse. Check them out at

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