Keep Hanging Files From Bulging With A Safety Pin

Ever pack your hanging folders so full that the resulting bulge overwhelms your filing cabinet? Reader dee1313 tells us how to keep the bulge at bay with a simple safety pin.

I have a folder in my filing cabinet labelled "Software/Manuals" and it is a pretty big folder. I was organizing my file cabinet and the budging folder was bothering me. I used a safety pin on the metal parts, making the ends stay closer together, keeping the monster folder from taking up half my space!

It's simple, it's cheap, and it's effective—in short, everything we love in a good life hack. Thanks dee1313!


    LH let me get this straight, Reader dee1313 says "safety pin" the picture shows a "safety pin" and Rosa Golijan decides to Title and describe "a simple paper clip"? Am I the only one that thinks the two are not the same?

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