iTunes 9 Sports Windows 7 Taskbar, Jump List Enhancements

Reader Ted points out one feature we missed in our roundup of Windows 7's best new features: basic player controls when its taskbar icon is hovered over, and even more Jump List controls when the iTunes icon is right-clicked.

If you were waiting on a reason to go ahead and upgrade to iTunes 9, even if you lack an iPhone/touch, this one's quite useful, at least if you're planning on upgrading to Windows 7 come Oct. 22. We're only seeing iTunes Store tasks in the Jump List controls, so tell us if you've already figured out how to make iTunes 9 work better for you in Windows 7 in the comments.


    For you who are having problems with viewing the playback controls when hovering over the icon-- try restarting iTunes. It worked for me.

    Alternatively you can also right-click the taskbar and add the iTunes toolbar. When you minimize iTunes controls will appear on the right side of the toolbar. Same thing pretty much, just different execution.

    You have to close out of Itunes, then disable the Itunes taskbar to get the hover buttons to show up.

      Thanks everyone. I was hating the fact that my iTunes wasn't minimizing to taskbar like it used to on Vista. tehbrunos' reply really did the trick for me. Now I can change the track or volume easily again.

    the other cool thing you can do is have itunes 'pinned' to the taskbar. this mean that you only have one itunes icon in the task bar and hover functions work.
    Dont just 'pin' the itunes icon from the startmenu or desktop, but once you are running itunes, pin that icon that comes up. this makes it possible for the hover function to work even before you open up itunes!

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