iTunes 9 Improves Syncing, Network Sharing And More

iTunes 9 Improves Syncing, Network Sharing And More

Windows/Mac OS X: The biggest software announcement at today’s Apple event comes in the form of iTunes 9, the newest release of the popular desktop media player.

It’s a solid update containing a few features that we’d be really excited about if only they were just a little bit better (see Home Sharing, for example).

Notable features in the new release include:

  • Home Sharing: You can now copy songs across authorised computers on your home network with the new Home Sharing feature. (You can even select a view to show only items that aren’t already in your library.) It’s nice to see iTunes add this feature, but it’s still a far cry from the full-on library sharing that we’ve been dying to see for years on home networks. You know, one library you can play, add to, and edit from any computer on your home network.
  • Improved Syncing: When you’re syncing to your devices, iTunes 9 offers more fine-grained control for syncing music by genre or artist, straight from the Music tab of the sync dialog. It also boasts better syncing of Photos (using iPhoto’s Events and People identification) and Movies.
  • Better App Management: If you’re syncing apps to your device through iTunes, iTunes 9 adds the ability to organize your synced apps on your iPhone pages from your desktop. Photo via Gizmodo.
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  • iTunes LP: Apple has introduced their new music format called iTunes LP. The new format intends to take digital music to a new world of multimedia integration, including videos, liner notes, credits, and more. Think of it sort of like the music version of DVDs with special features.
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  • iTunes Extras: Well, if iTunes LP is sort of like a DVD with special features, iTunes Extras is exactly like it. Now when you buy a movie from the iTunes store, you also get some special features, including cast interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, etc.
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  • Genius Mixes: Using the Genius feature introduced in iTunes 8.1, Genius mixes plays songs from your library that it thinks go well together. This doesn’t seem like much of a tweak on what’s already there, though I will say that Genius recommendations have improved a lot since the feature was first launched.
  • Ringtones: iTunes 9 now sells 30,000 ringtones for $US2.19—though we’d suggest saving yourself the cash and just making your own (in Windows; in OS X).

iTunes 9 is a free download for Windows and Mac. It’s not available just yet from Apple’s servers, but it should be sometime today.

iTunes 9 [Apple]


  • Suprise, suprise, the trolls in the Apple abatement society have enlightened us with their comments. Oh boo bloody hoo! iTunes is free, updates are free, support is free. So you’re also FREE to go use something else if you can’t manage your PC properly.

  • I have 2 machines running Windows 7, both have been updated to Itunes 9, sharing has been enabled and set to search for other shared libraries on the network on both machines yet nothing shows up in the left pane for sharing.
    Any thoughts or ideas?

  • “iTunes 9 Improves Syncing, Network Sharing And More”

    Really? Because I have the latest version of iTunes on my PC and it frequently takes up all the system resources and freezes – especially if I dare to plug my iPhone in to Sync it. Perhaps apple want me to give up and buy a Mac – but that’s never going to happen because of the punishing contract I have with O2 sapping all my money and thanks to Apple’s exclusive deals there’s no-one else in the UK who can give me a competitive deal. Oh – or I could go with MobileMe and pay another fortune a year on something which Googlesync will do over 50% of for free and which wouldn’t be necessary if Apple allowed more open synchronisation and had a smooth running Windows client.

    Each version of iTunes seems to add more bloat and make it even less likely for me to simply synchronise my basic data. With iTunes Apple has done the impossible. It has made Microsoft ActiveSync look good in comparison.

  • i have ubuntu and i am planning to get a ipod touch but i cant find a way how to download itunes 9 to my computer can someone please help me with this inconvenience.

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