How To Get Crayon Marks Off Your TV Screen

How To Get Crayon Marks Off Your TV Screen
Crayon marks are often a challenge to get rid of, but what do you do when your toddler has run wild with the colours on your brand new TV?

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Lifehacker reader Del wrote in with a useful pointer:[imgclear]

Seeing your tip for removing crayon from walls with vinegar reminded me of the time my 2 year old took crayons to my 3 week old LCD TV. As you can imagine, I wasn't too impressed! I Googled the problem, only to discover that I wasn’t the only parent with this problem. Everything from plasma screens to iMacs, projector screens to laptops have been colourfully decorated by budding Monets around the world with everything from crayons to ball-point pens. The even better news is that, makers of the offending weapon, have a section on how to deal with various stains. So, to remove crayon from your LCD screen/ Plasma screen/ laptop, use good old WD40. Spray it on a cloth, gently rub off the crayon (with the TV off), then wipe down with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue. Voila!

Thanks Del!


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