How To Deal With Fussy Eaters

How To Deal With Fussy Eaters

Most of our Food Week coverage presumes that you want to eat in the first place. That’s a reasonable assumption for most Lifehacker readers, but something that’s rather less likely with toddlers. Is there any way to get a grumpy child to favour vegetables over junk food?

Our sibling publication Babble tackles this question with a bunch of suggestions on how to get kids more interested in healthy options, ranging from the tried and true () to the less obvious (). However, it also makes the point that you can become unhealthily obsessed with the issue:

Your kid will be fine. We know adults who have lived on this diet (substituting beer for broccoli) for upwards of 40 years. Do they look fabulous? No. Are they super healthy? No. Are they alive? Yep…last time we checked.

Got your own tactics for ditching KFC in favour of kale? Share them in the comments.

Fussy Eaters: The Junk Food Rut [Babble]


  • “Got your own tactics for ditching KFC in favour of kale? Share them in the comments.”

    Do what my parents did, and make all fast food a once-every-six-months-if-lucky thing. Kids can buy their own fast food when they get their own money. Even making it a “treat” food is a disaster because it elevates it above other foods.

    Everything fast food can be made at home, much tastier & healthier and your kids will value the process of food then.

    • I completely agree with this. Its a lot more fun to make it at home with your kids too. Home made pizza always goes down well at our house and we encourage using things like cherry tomatoes and feta cheese and baby spinach instead of processed cheese and salami.

  • My parents used to make a game out of eating vegies. We’d pretend we were rabbits or cows or monkeys. I remember eating a carrot and saying “What’s up doc?” all the time.

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