How Minimal Can Your Calendar Get?

TheCalendarCalendars adorned with glamorous photos are a staple of the Christmas gift scene, but not everyone wants that kind of design. The Australian Newsagency Blog highlights a stark alternative, offering "No kitties, no flower, no inspirational quotes, no babies. Just 12 big blank grids for 2010".

While that's a pretty neat gift idea, I can't help thinking that at that level you'd be better off printing your own calendar, using one of the many printable grids, or even just diving into your favourite online calendar and printing from there. Going online raises the issue of whether you need a printed calendar at all.

So I'll ask the readers: would you rather buy a glossy calendar, a take-no-prisoners calendar like this, or just print your own? Enter your preferred approach in the comments.

The p*ss-take calendar [Australian Newsagency Blog]


    For practical purposes i use google calendar, it syncs with my Symbian phone, i can share it with housemates, backs up if you want, displays on igoogle on any number of desktop widgits. For visual i still often purchase either a box or wall calendar with something funny on it.

    Are there people out there still using paper calendars? I can't think of a reason other than habit.

      "I can’t think of a reason other than habit."

      Electricity is a big one. If you're on the road, you can't always rely on your battery lasting long enough. And what about the poor ol' environment?

      I wouldn't mind one of these pre-printed 'blank' calenders over a home-made one. It's slightly more professional than "I printed this at home!" gifts, and if you're lucky, comes with hole-punched cardboard backing to prevent the rusty nail it's hanging on getting the better of flimsy paper.

    Back when I was a child, my family used to make a spreadsheet for a calendar. Each column would be a family member's name, each row would be a day in the month, and each sheet would be a different month. This would then be printed off (2 sheets to a calendar month) and stuck on the kitchen wall. Worked a treat, until we were old enough to start organising things ourselves.

    Now we all just use Outlook / Thunderbird.

    I definitely need a pocket calendar for my wallet, so I always avail myself of the free Australia Post calendars. I wasn't happy though when they started putting six months on either side- you had to turn it over if you wanted to check dates from the other half of the year.

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