How Can You Take 365 Different Photos Of Yourself?

Lifehacker reader Daniel is planning to take a photo every day before he turns 30, but figures he won't be able to come up with enough interesting shots without a bit of help from Lifehacker readers.

Daniel writes:

I was wondering if I might be able to tap into the huge hive mind that is the Lifehacker audience to ask a question. I'm doing a photo-a-day project which I call 365 Before Thirty - aim is to take 365 good photos by the time I turn thirty with the aim of printing of a book to look back on the year that was. The problem with these photo a day projects is you tend to run out of steam/ideas in about a month so I'm calling for ideas. I also want to encourage others to take up a project like this one as it's a) a lot of fun and b) a really great way to improve your photography.

While there are plenty of online projects involving daily photos (including the iconic one embedded above), deliberately plotting a year's worth of distinct photos requires lots of options. What suggestions would you offer? Share 'em in the comments.

Wanted: Ideas for the 365 Before Thirty Project

Comments everyone who does this always makes the same expression.

    My suggestion is that you treat it like a flipbook. Make facial expressions (you could mime talking or something) and move your body around.

    It wouldn't be easy, you'd have to look carefully at the photos from yesterday to make sure you were "one frame" ahead in terms of movement.

      It'd end up being like a stop-motion movie of yourself aging and your hair/clothes changing as you move.

    That's the way to do it:

    Isn't the point of this to challenge yourself to become more creative??

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