Hamachi Updates And Adds Web-Based Management

LogMeIn has released a new version of their popular VPN-solution Hamachi. Hamachi² has the great ease of use of the original Hamachi plus enhancements like a new GUI and web-based management.

While the new GUI is a nice touch and certainly a nice improvement over the particularly spartan interface that Hamachi had before, the real improvement is the addition of web-based VPN management. With the new web-based management you can create networks on demand through your LogMeIn account. Inviting people is just as simple, you just need to plug in their email address and a link will be sent to them.

You can also specify what type of virtual private network you want to build: gateway, hub-and-spoke, and mesh networking are the three potential structures you can use for your VPN. With the easy deployment and mesh-networking you can create a personal cloud in a matter of minutes.

Hamachi² [via Freeware Pharmacy]


    In all fairness, windows 7 isn't out yet.

    Matt, I think Windows 7 does have some rather significant VPN capabilities, but Hamanchi's remote access software has a much better interface, is easier to use, and has better features. To top it off, Hamanchi does a great job with security layers.

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