Google Sports Calendars Include One Australian Sport

basketballcalendarGoogle has added a bunch of pre-defined sports fixture calendars to Google Calendar, and hasn't entirely neglected Australia — if you consider including one Australian team sport a reasonable effort.

Which sport? I hear you ask. The Australian Women's National Basketball League, which (without unduly offending all those basketball enthusiasts) is not exactly the highest-rating sport around. As yet, the 2010 fixtures don't seem to have been added either.

While it would be nice to see AFL or NRL or cricket on the list, the calendars are potentially useful if you follow an overseas sport (soccer is particularly well covered). To add a sports calendar to your existing Google calendar, just click on the Add button in the bottom left corner, choose 'Select Interesting Calendars' and then choose the Sports tab to pick and preview your favourite.

[via Google Operating System]


    Actually the A-League is in there...
    its under Soccer -> Hyundai A-League

    Stupid, I know

    Given the way the AFL copyrights their schedule, I don't think that we'll see it automatically added any time soon.

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