Google Sends Cease And Desist To CyanogenMod Android Hacker

CyanogenMod, the maker of custom-built ROMs for "rooted" Android phones, has been sent a cease and desist letter by Google, specifically regarding his inclusion of Gmail, Google Maps and other apps built by Google for its partner phones.

The man himself tells the Android and Me blog that his project, with at least 30,000 downloaders, is "probably dead", but that he's arguing his case with the big G. Here's hoping Android maintains the open approach to phone software it promised from the beginning.

Android and Me via Gizmodo AU


    It was my belief that Google's mantra from it's inception was "Don't be evil". Well I guess they've out grown that and are now part of big corporate america. I guess we need the next small startup company to slay the evil Google. Such a shame as I have always been a Google fan until now.
    Why don't they pay attention to things that are broken. Fix Chrome and Google voice before you shut down things that acctually work!!!

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