Google Search Box To Get Bigger

Google Search Box To Get Bigger
GoogleSearchBoxGoogle doesn’t tinker with its main page too often, so a planned change to its search box — making it larger and increasing the font size for queries — is bound to get noticed. It’s not visible on Google’s Australian site right now, but a spokesperson told us it will appear on all Google international sites within the next week. Presumably, the user scripts to shrink it back to its old proportions will follow soon afterwards. [via Official Google Blog]


  • I thought this must have been the case – it came up in Aus pretty quick. I’ve been checking my zoom settings and everything to see if it really was a Google homepage change.

    I think I like it…

  • An option to magnify search font would probably have been more welcome than to assume everyone needs glasses, then later to provide a button to return to “normal”.

  • (1) Stop changing things. (2) Take five minutes and code an OPTION for users to put it back THE WAY IT WAS. (3) Fix your ten-year-old image search that still only allows at most 20 results per screen.

  • hi
    thanks for leeting this info out….
    i was going mad figguring out if this was a virus or soehtmg tht made the search tabs bigger!

    thanks a lot…now i can gte back to workk!

  • Blistering flabberjinks, I thought my eyes were in need of urgent attention when I logged into Google today! The search bar text has just become a demon possessed… Monstrous font jumping out at me, causing dyslexia, mild concussion, and blood-shot eyes. Help… I need a fix urgently as my head (and very sore eyeballs) are in a spin! Bring on the spinning colored candy wheel…

  • Here’s a tip, use iGoogle as your page, the search box is currently still smaller (from what I can see anyway.)

    The bad thing is, iGoogle doesn’t have the special logos, which is something you’ll miss out on.

  • This is a rather fail concept. The increased font size isn’t too bad I suppose, but when the ‘suggestions’ drop-down appears, it takes up nearly half the bloody screen here at work. Not to mention, the text on the ‘Search’ and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ buttons needs to be centred vertically. It’s a little low, at least in Firefox.

  • Well I’m glad someone wrote about this. I wasn’t sure if I had changed a setting in my browser.

    I’m not really liking the new look as that size of font on my screen looks so much more “boxy” but oh well.

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