Google Jump To Links Help Navigate Long Pages

GoogleJumpTo Google's latest tweak to its results is simple but useful: a 'jump to' link that takes you directly to the section of a site which contains the information you're looking for.

While this won't make much difference if you're just looking up a site name to see if it's a .com or site, it can be handy if you're dealing with textually dense pages, or long forum discussions where the relevant information is well-buried. You have to click on the link next to the words 'Jump to' to go to that section of the page; clicking on the page title retains the classic Google behaviour of going to top of the specified page.

Google's results have seen quite a few tweaks this year, including expanding the amount of text presented in its results, including sub-links for Wikipedia articles and expanding the size of its search box. That last change proved controversial, but if you don't like the new look it's easy to fix.

Jump to the information you want right from the search snippets [Official Google Blog]


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