Giz Explains Sony’s Exmor R CMOS Technology

Anyone interested in football or cameras is bound to have heard of Sony’s recent Twilight Football event, held to celebrate their Exmor R back illuminated CMOS technology. But what the hell is Exmor?

First announced back in mid-2008, Sony’s Exmor tech essentially involves positioning a conventional CMOS chip in front of the camera’s circuitry and wiring as opposed to behind it. As simple as that sounds, this repositioning means light can travel directly to the camera’s light-sensitive region, resulting in a camera that, according to Sony, is more than twice as sensitive as conventional cameras.

In other words, Exmor means smoother movement in action sequences and landscapes (Sony says six separate images in one second) and higher image quality in lowlight. The Exmor sensor is also smear-free and has dual noise reduction, meaning there’s no irritating image imperfections and clear images are possible even in strong light.

Sony’s Exmor range includes the recently released the Cyber-shot DSC-HX1, as well as the smaller TX1 and WX1; Handycam camcorders, XR520V, XR500V, CX520V and CX500V; and α DSLR models A500, A550 and A850.

We trialled the sensory tech at Sony’s recent Twilight Football event and will talk about that in coming days. In the meantime, check out Sony’s website to find out more about the Exmor camera range.


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