Getting Rid Of Firefox's "Well, This Is Embarrassing" Message

WellThisIsEmbarrassing2Firefox's selective tab restoration after a crash is a handy feature, but if you're suffering repeated crashes for whatever reason, then being told "Well, this is embarrassing" every single time can get really wearing. Here's how to make it go away.

Ideally, I'd have liked to find a way to customise that too-clever-by-half message, but I couldn't spot any obvious way of doing that (share one if you have it in the comments). However, you can tell Firefox not to offer the session restore option at all, which can be a reasonable trade-off if you don't routinely have dozens of tabs open at once.

To make that change, enter


and click through the "Here be dragons" warning (another example of Firefox being a tad too clever). Use the filter to find the


flag, right click, and select Toggle to switch it off.


    That's strange, I've never received that message.

      You're lucky then. Mine crashes every time I try to open a PDF file. I guess I really should look at that!

      I get this error all the time.

      They should stop being so embarrassed about it, and actually fix it.

        I closed all the different web sites that was on the toolbar. For some reasons they were staying open whenever I close Firefox. It was not able to open some of them. I am not having the issue now. I opened and closed it several times. I tried changing some of the preferences, but it did not stop the message. Once I deleted the tabs which were left open it no longer displayed the message.

    It can be pretty annoying - especially since now my home PC seems to want to crash Firefox about every hour. No matter what pages I have open, disabled all extensions and plugins, still does it.

    I'd like to turn it off but I actually have lots of tabs open at a time. The strange thing is, I get that message even when Firefox doesn't crash.
    I close a Firefox windows with no tabs open and occasionally it tells me it can't restore the blank tab when I open it again.

    wow, thanks a lot!
    mine also shows the message, even when firefox didn't crash. I get the message every time i open up firefox. Even when i closed without tabs open . . .

    i also have this weird things, then when i close firefox without any tabs open, and start it up later, it opens up with tabs :S know how to fix this problem too maybe ?

    I need the fix but had no browser.sessionstore.resumefromcrash entry. So it would be of additional help if you could include those needed steps.

    Until you, do, I'm going to tinker around and hopefully figure it out.

    Does not work

    Ok, I figured it out. Type:

    I to have the problem of this error message popping up whenever FireFox closes, crash or not, actually I have very few problems with it crashing. But I do have a FireFox problem I have been unable to fix, whenever I close (on purpose, or "accidentally")lke accessing it with a link from my mail package (Thunderbird), I cannot reenter FireFox without rebooting the system. This, to say the least, is very frustrating. I can leave it open in the background, but my fickle finger movements (and my mouse is not helping either), but that of course is NOT an ideal situation. HELP!

    Its pathetic that Firefox posts the message about how embarrassed they are each time Firefox crashes. They should stop posting that sentence and actually become proactive to fix the issue that is causing the crash. They need to show some responsibilty and actual concern instead of telling me they are embarrassed each time it happens.

    thanks for the info. I will give it a shot.

    Rats. When I boot up from a shut down, I *WANT* Firefox to come back up with the same pages. I was hoping I could get it to do this without having to click, 'proceed' every time. It seems Firefox takes the SIGTERM signal as an error instead of a shutdown request.

      Bruce is completely right! That means anytime you log out or shutdown without quitting firefox first, it'll think it crashed. Unfortunately, it looks like nobody has submitted a patch to fix it to Mozilla yet,

    All these "new" versions seem to be getting toooooo big for their britches!
    Let's get back to simplicity, Please.

    The best solution was change Firefox and use Opera. No more crashes or embarrassments.

    My sister-in-law looked shocked, a bit blushed and said: 'It says that I did something embarrassing.. i did do nothing ...' Well, thats also a a way to interpret the message.

    I wish I could have that function back !!! Unfortunately it seems to have been disposed with in the 12.0 version I have upgraded to :--(
    Anybody know how to switch it back on ?

    I tried with "browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash" but it shows the value "true".
    The thing is I don't have non crashes but tend to surf opening a lot of tabs and wanting to leave them open for the next day. Neither I want to switch to other browsers, for I love the extensions capabilities.
    Plese help me !

    Thanks a lot. It finally worked, but i have another problem.

    On my computer, Firefox keeps telling me to restart the page. After i do, i keep getting the same freakin' pop-up! It's so annoying! someone help?

    P.s. I'm just lucky it hasn't done it now while I am posting this! I can barely ever go on the computer with this happening!

    I posted closing tabs on the "toolbar" solved the problem. It did until I posted here and now it is showing again. To my knowledge I do not have any tabs open. Aggravating to say the least. I just find myself using Chrome or Safari more.

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