GetPrice Adds iPhone Application

getpriceFancy some comparison shopping on the go? Price comparison site GetPrice has launched an iPhone app for retail rating on the go.

While the iPhone's browser is arguably good enough that you can use it for direct access to price comparison sites, having a built-in application could be useful for those is-what's-here-in-the-store-cheaper-than-elsewhere? moments. The application also offers directions to retailers with physical stores. The GetPrice application is free; we haven't run it through the paces at Lifehacker HQ, so share any brickbats or bouquets in the comments.

GetPrice iPhone


    I want an Android version? :(

      Thanks Andrew, we also want to see this! In fact I hope we'll develop native apps for all the major platforms over time. Just need to balance that with commercial reality, i.e. are there enough users to justify the expense? We also want to see how people use the iPhone version and contemplate enhancements.


    Bah! Wants 3.0 Software which Apple wants to charge me for :(

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