From The Tips Box: Recording Vista Streams

Lifehacker readers share tips for capturing streaming audio in Vista and keeping handwriting neat.

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Use a Clipboard to Write More Neatly

Photo by In Veritas Lux.

Jake tells us how to write neater by writing smaller:

If I am writing on a notepad for a task list or whatever, I will tear off the sheet I am writing on, make sure the first sheet on the notepad is a blank one, and then put the torn off sheet on top of the notepad, and clip it with my clipboard so that the lines from the blank sheet underneath come through halfway between the lines on the page I'm writing on. This lets me see a 'fake' line that I can use for the tops of my letters and helps me keep my handwriting from getting out of control (too big).

You could also put a sheet of lined paper behind a blank piece of paper to keep your writing lined up.

Enable Streaming Audio Recording in Windows Vista

Jaime lets us know where to go in Vista to allow recording whatever is playing through your speakers:

Vista blocks the WaveOutMix by default. So using a program like Audacity you can't record streaming audio like I'm able to using XP. The simple fix is going to the control panel. Click sounds, then go to the Recording tab. Right click and check show disabled devices. Now the WaveOutMix shows and all you have to do is enable it. Now you can use any recording device to record what is playing back on your computer.


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