Foxtel Readies New Channels, Download Services

Foxtel Readies New Channels, Download Services

Foxtel’s long-rumoured download service and an enhanced range of channels will finally roll out next week, but there’s already a fair bit of information online about what’s coming.

Lifehacker will be at Foxtel’s launch press conference on Tuesday, where full details of the download service and the new channels will be unveiled. At TV Tonight, David Knox has rounded up what we already know about the added channels, which cover the full spectrum of movies, drama and factual programming. He’s also got a summary of what the basic download service is likely to offer: a file that needs to be played back through specific Foxtel-branded player software, and which will expire in 7 days. The service is expected to kick off in October.

New mystery, movie, sports channels to come/More on Foxtel downloads… [TV Tonight]


  • It’s a pity that the download service is already broken before it’s been launched. Contrary to the marketing material in the Foxtel magazine (can you say “truth in advertising”) downloaded content will have a limited lifetime (I’ve heard 7 days) preventing you from watching it “when you want”.

    The download service is also only available for Windows users, it’s a pity that Foxtel’s developers weren’t informed enough to offer a solution built on either Adobe AIR or Microsoft Silverlight – both capable of playing DRM crippled content on multiple operating systems. It’s also interesting that the stock shot used to promote it was of a guy using a MacBook.

    I love the suggestion in the Foxtel magazine: “On your next holiday, you can download the kids’ favourite shows so that they can watch them in the back of the car” – let’s hope that download was immediately before you jumped in the car and that you have a Windows PC strapped to the back of the drivers seat so that the kids can actually watch it.

    Talk about a IT & product ignorant marketing department.

  • I was also told by Foxtel in an email that they currently have no plans for unmetered access with any ISP’s which is unfortunate but I would imagine will come in time. However hard to see the pond getting on board.

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