Fotobounce Downloads Full Facebook And Flickr Albums In One Click

Windows/Mac OS X: Ever wanted to download a friend's full album from Flickr or Facebook but quickly discovered that downloading one photo at a time is an enormous pain? Free application Fotobounce aims to alleviate that pain.

(Click the image for a closer look.)

This simple application actually does a lot more than just download albums from the two popular image sharing sites; it's actually a desktop photo organiser in its own right, supporting cool features like face recognition and mobile access to your library.

Still, if you're not looking for a new way to organise photos on your desktop, Fotobounce's Facebook and Flickr album slurping abilities are perk enough to make it a decent download.

Fotobounce is freeware, works on Windows and Mac OS X.

Fotobounce [via Digital Inspiration]


    "download a friend’s full album from Flickr or Facebook"

    It doesn't let you download other people's flickr albums. Only your own.

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