Find Where Stimulus Money Got Spent In Your Area

StimulusResultsWhether you think spending money on "economic stimulus" is vitally important or a waste of time and money, you can find out how money has been allocated in your area via a fairly straightforward government web site.

The Economic Stimulus Plan site lets you search for projects in your area by postcode or address, neatly dropped onto a Google map. You can also filter the list by project type, finding out what's been spent on rail in your area or how many applications for various subsidies have been lodged. (35 people in my postcode have applied for solar heating subsidies, though I can't decide if that's too many or too few.) Searching for remote rural areas tends to confuse Google Maps, but otherwise it's a pretty neat site, and fuel for plenty of dinner party arguments.

Economic Stimulus Plan


    Oh it's just for solar panels, insulation, etc like that.

    For a moment I was worried the government might have found out I spent my stimulus payment on a stripper.

    postcode 2000 and thereabouts is messed up.. it thinks it's got the right map but the projects are from places 100's of miles away

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