Dropbox Adds Search And Bulk Operations To Web Site

Grabbing mixed and matched Dropbox files from a web browser got a bit easier overnight, as the file synchronising service added search powers, bulk operations for separately selected items and a mobile interface for non-iPhone browsers to its web site.

The site as a whole got a visual overhaul, actually, but what established Dropbox users are going to most appreciate is the ability to create new ZIP-ed packages of different files—a few files, one or two folders and maybe that picture, all at once—and grab them. The Dropbox team also added a search bar and "Gmail-style keyboard shortcuts", although we haven't seen a guide to those shortcuts as of yet.

The non-iPhone mobile version, assuming I'm seeing it on my Android model, works fairly well, providing quick access to files and recent changes. We're still waiting on a dedicated iPhone app—submitted for Apple's approval about four weeks ago—but these changes, mobile and otherwise, are a nice step forward for grabbing files when you're at a non-synced computer or on your mobile device.

How It's Made: The Dropbox Web [The Dropbox Blog via TechCrunch]


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