DIY Chalkboard Paint

chalkcollectionChalkboard paint is a useful DIY option for lists, murals and repurposing furniture, but only comes in basic black. By making your own chalkboard paint, you can use any colour you like.

Picture by r0kk

The Craft At Home site details a basic recipe for chalkboard paint, which essentially involves adding powdered tile grout and glazing medium to the coloured acrylic paint of your choice. (Craft guru Martha Stewart offers a version that just uses tile grout if you don't fancy hunting down the glaze.) Darker colours are still likely to work better if you want to use standard white chalk, but with coloured chalk, the potential combinations are pretty much endless.

How To Make Your Own Chalk Board Paint [Craft At Home]


    Is chalk dust bad for computers and electronic equipment? Shouldn't we be using whiteboards?

      Dear Wobble, can I suggest dust free chalk. It does the same job but there is no chalk dust that sprinkles down the board when your write. Wipe off with wet rag. Wall-la no dust!

    @Wobble, isn't that being racist against coloured boards

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