Disable The New Libraries Feature On Windows 7

We've referred to Windows 7's Libraries as a top thing to look forward to, and then as one of the best underhyped features—but if you really can't get used to them, you can disable it.

The new Libraries feature in Windows 7 creates what are essentially virtual folders—you can combine multiple document folders together into a single library that combines them all into a single folder, create new libraries, and access them from common file open dialogs.

It's an excellent feature that's a huge step forwards in Windows file management—but if you aren't able to get used to a new way of doing things, the Tweaking with Vishal blog has a registry hack to completely eliminate them. Simply download, extract, and double-click on the provided registry hack file, then restart your computer and you'll see that the Libraries are completely gone. There's also an uninstall registry script provided just in case.

How to Disable "Libraries" Feature in Windows 7? [Tweaking with Vishal]


    I hate the Libraries feature. I'm constantly tripping over it in Windows Explorer and it's good for absolutely nothing. Probably designed for people brand-new to computers who need hand-holding when filing their files. For the rest of us, surely we've been around long enough to figure out our own systems.

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