Dan Murphy's Event Planner Calculates Your Drinking Needs

DanMurphyThrowing a party and not sure how much booze you'll need? Liquor retailing giant Dan Murphy's offers an on-site calculator to ensure you keep your guests happy.

We've recently covered a simple formula for working out how many drinks you need for a party. The Dan Murphy's site applies similar logic, asking you for the number of guests attending and the duration and then producing a suggested shopping list.

While (naturally enough) the site then suggests you hit the nearest Dan for your purchases, it's a useful tool even if you're just planning to raid your own well-stocked cellar. (And we still wish Dan Murphy's gave Everyday Rewards points.) Thanks PG!

Dan Murphy's Build An Event Plan


    Sigh... still no suggestions to buy cider.

    This is why bringing my own just saves a lot of hassle :)

    I know it's unAustralian, but I just don't like beer...

    Er, I did 6 over 5 hours. Mainly beer drinkers.

    1 case of beer, 1 white, 1 red, 1 sparkling, 2 bottles of soft drink.

    Yeah right.

    40 people .. 4 hours .. 2 cases of beer. wtf.

    The one on www.1stchoice.com.au is a bit better. Caters for non drinkers and kids.

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