Credit Card Finder Outlines Australian Credit Card Deals

Credit Card Finder Outlines Australian Credit Card Deals

Australians are pretty good at using credit cards intelligently, but sorting through terms and conditions to find the best deal for you is still a tedious task. Credit Card Finder offers a pretty comprehensive listing of Australian credit card providers.

The site offers a “top 10” list of credit cards (though the basis for the selection isn’t made very clear), or you can browse through cards via various types such as no-fee, balance transfer or reward programs. There’s no straightforward way to search across cards via more than one feature, but the information on different program types is pretty comprehensive.

For similar options, check out previously mentioned Mozo and Fumzup.

Credit Card Finder


  • Interesting that none of the three comparison sites listed above had any mention of the Bankwest zero MasterCard (their zero-annual-fee credit card, with 55 days interest free – a pretty good deal, I thought!). The above “Credit Card Finder” even specifically lists Bankwest as one of the providers they cover.

    I wonder if that’s just because they are a smaller bank?

    • Hi Chris, Kirsty from Mozo here. Actually if you do a search on Mozo for ‘no annual fee’ credit cards the BankWest Zero card comes out top of our table..

      Agree it’s a great deal if you’re someone who pays off your card each month. If you pay interest though, there are cards with cheaper interest rates on the market like the BankWest Lite card.

  • after looking at dozens of these types of sites, I typically find the most comprehensive by far, although it doesn’t always list every one of the thousands of cards (and loans/mortgage brokers/savings acct/etc), it does serve as a solid starting point. another drawback is the fact that it doesn’t readily allow to go directly to the provider’s website, but it’s easy enough to find the best options for you and then just google the name of that provider.

  • @Angus – really appreciate your coverage and feedback 🙂

    @Chris – Good pickup, we noticed that on our old Bankwest provider page those cards didn’t exist. We have done a redirect to the new page:

    @Kirsty – The Bankwest Zero MasterCard is a great offer. No Annual Fee and a 4.99% p.a. on balance transfers AND purchases for 9 months super competitive. I think this card would actually be better for someone who pays interest each month and might be better than the Bankwest Lite Mastercard, as you will pay 5% less on purchases for 9 months and $0 annual fee. This would save you quite a bit on your purchases that you make during the 9 months and give you the same balance transfer rate that the lite card is offering. In order to save you from paying the Bankwest Zero MasterCard interest rate of 15.99% after the introductory period of 9 months you could then consider doing a balance transfer before the end of the introductory offer period, and take up a card witha 0% for 6 months balance transfer offer and a low ongoing interest rate. One example card you can transfer on to is the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard which has a 0% interest p.a. for 6 months balance transfer offer and an on-going low interest rate of 11.74% p.a.

    See our Balance Transfer Guide for more credit card hacks and tricks of how to do this (Ofcourse, it always depends on your personal financial situation and you should always seek the advice of a financial advisor.)

  • Jeremy, I hope you are an accredited financial adviser. It is against the law in Australia to sway individuals on a particular financial product. I am sure the accc will like to check your accreditations at

    • Jeremy did say: “(Ofcourse, it always depends on your personal financial situation and you should always seek the advice of a financial advisor.)”. I also don’t think the ACCC would be interested as they “ensure that individuals and businesses comply with the Commonwealth competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws”.

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