Control Where Chrome And Firefox Open Links With Modifier Clicks

The Official Google Chrome Blog highlights three simple but useful shortcuts for controlling exactly what happens when you click a link in Chrome. Incidentally, they also work exactly the same in Firefox, so whichever you prefer, read on for the refresher.

The first, above, opens any link in a new window (not tab) when you hold shift and left-click. (The one modifier click not explicitly mentioned in Ctrl+Click, which opens the link in a new background tab just like middle clicking does.)

Shift+Middle Click (or Shift+Ctrl+Click, since Ctrl+Click is the same as a middle click) will open the link in a new tab, but automatically switch to that tab.

Finally, Alt+Click downloads whatever the link is anchored to directly to your Downloads folder. As I mentioned above, these aren't exactly new—especially if you're a Firefox user (Opera, Safari, and IE all have similar modifier clicks, but they're not all the same)—but it's a good refresher for both the Chrome and Firefox crowd.

Tip: Even more control over opening links [Google Chrome Blog]


    Ctrl-click wasn't mentioned because it was mentioned in the previous tip on the blog post.

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