Coles Promises To Your Bench Grocery Deliveries

ColesOnlineFurther proof that you can learn useful stuff from Twitter: Coles online shopping and delivery service points out that if you order groceries online and get them delivered, you don't have to put up with them being dumped on the doorstep.

As the Coles Online Twitter account points out: can deliver to your kitchen bench - just ask the driver when we arrive with your order.

Of course, if you need the exercise, lugging in the groceries isn't a bad idea, but it's nice to have the option.

Coles Online


    What's even better is that if they make a mistake and deliver you say, 800 grams of salami sticks instead of 8 individual sticks, as they did to me, then they let you keep them for free. Typically my kids went right off salami sticks immediately after that but it's still a nice thought. I like it best when they have a special offer and deliver free. Not sure I want any booted delivery men near my kitchen bench but again, it's the thought that counts.

    Our household has been using Coles online for a few months now and I can't praise them highly enough. It took a few orders to get used to the site and into the swing of things but we are delighted with the delivery people, the contact staff on the phone, the free samples that are added from time to time and the overall reliability of the service. I was worried about use-by dates not matching my expectations prior to trying them but those concerns proved totally unfounded - was very impressed.

    Tell you what, some of those Coles delivery girls are total hotties. Mostly Kiwis though but you can't have everything eh?

    The service is convenient but it not without problems, sometimes the expiry dates are a bit too close, a key ingredient can come up missing, you only know something is out of stock after its too late to get a suitable replacement or order something else, on the bright side shopping while you surf the net is pretty good, no weird trolley-aisle moments or lugging toilet roll packs. 3 stars.

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