Catch Of The Day Pressure Cooker Sale This Wednesday

PressureCookerDaily bargain site Catch Of The Day normally sells a single item for 24 hours, but occasionally it runs 30 minute sales with serious bargains, such as a Wii for $199. The next such sale kicks in on Wednesday.

Prior experience suggests that these sales can be something of a virtual bunfight, and that there'll only be a handful of the most popular items, but it might be worth the battle if you spot something you like. You need to be registered with the site prior to the sale starting on Wednesday, 23 September at 12pm. If you do score a bargain, share your victory in the comment.

Catch Of The Day


    catch of the day is not only completely unoriginal, (its a rip off of but the first time i bought something i couldnt return it even though it was faulty, the phone line kept looping, and guess what, I was silly enough to give them a go again, this time i bought a laptop and it was faulty within four days and i have still not been able to send it back or get a hold of anyone after 16 days and counting. buyer beware, if its too good to be true, it is.

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