Building The Ultimate Dorm Desk

Building The Ultimate Dorm Desk

When you’re a DIYer with a desire to build an epic desk for your dorm room, it helps to access to good tools and materials. One Lifehacker reader used great gear and forward-looking design to craft an ultimate dorm desk.

In such a case you can’t go wrong having a dad who owns a high-end wood working company and has an 740 square metre shop filled with tools galore. Lifehacker reader ev1lcaust1c, set out to build a desk that would work for his bedroom, in his future dorm room, and would hold all of his computer and gaming equipment.

He did some research by hitting office and furniture stores, photographing desks and setups he liked, and then took the plans to his father’s shop. The end result is certainly more polished than any woodworking we’ve done around the Lifehacker office, that’s for sure — none of us are sporting walnut speaker shelves! Check out the photos below to get a closer look at his design and see even more photos of the desk in progress.

Building The Ultimate Dorm Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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