Australian Pricing For New iPod Models

iPodModelsApple's new model iPods are, as expected, all over the news today, but the biggest question for many of us is: what do they cost? Here's the Australian pricing.

The 8GB iPod Touch costs $269, the 32GB model is $399, and the 64GB model is $549. If you prefer the new Nano, that's $199 for the 8GB model, or $249 for the 16GB version. The newly-introduced 2GB Shuffle is $79, while the 4GB model is $109. Our brothers in tech at Gizmodo have exhaustive coverage of all those new models.

The new releases will all rely on the new iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1 updates. While the former is free for all iPod owners (or iTunes downloading enthusiasts), existing iPod Touch owners will have to pay $5.99 for the latter. You can also pay $2.19 for official ringtones from the iTunes store, though that frankly sounds like a waste of money.

Excited by the new models? Can't see the need to spend that money when your current iPod works just fine? Figure it's a good time to buy discounted older models? Tell us in the comments.


    Well, I'm still using my first gen 2GB Nano. It works fine (although I now have to recharge it every second day).

    It's not that I don't _want_ shiny new toys, it's just hard to justify shelling out money for a new iPod when the old works just fine.

    Of course, I'll get around all that when my old mobile phone dies and I replace it with a 3GS (just waiting for 3 to get new stock...)

      I'm with you Shane. I'm using my wife's old 5th gen. I only moved onto that after my must cherished 3rd gen iPod died when I dropped it last year :(

      Of course, if work wasn't paying for my Blackberry and I needed a new phone I would probably go down the iPhone route and be an individual like everybody else.

    The sky is actually falling. No, really. If you do have an iPod Touch AND Apple's already extracted its money for the 3.0 update, the 3.1 update is, itself, free.

    Apple NOT asking for money for iPod Touch updates? I'm not even sure I'm in the right universe any more!

      Alex Apple have never asked for money for a .x update. They only have ever made you pay when you you want a x. update. So maybe you are in the wrong universe if you don't know that.

        Actually, Apple have quite frequently asked for money for a .x update (especially in the broader context of Macs as well as iPods).

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