Australia Gains Late Victory Over Latin America In Sony Twilight Football

While the UK were defeating Italy over in WA, Australia were in England annihilating Latin America.

The game, held at the site of King Arthur’s Camelot, Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, was a competitive affair from the outset. But despite a late goal which gave the Latin America squad a 5-4 lead with minutes to spare, the Robbie Slater-led Aussies fought back, slaughtering their opponents in a superb 10-6 victory.

The game capped off a massive few days for the energetic Aussie side, which included breakfast amongst some Blackburn Rovers, a surprise visit by Socceroo and recent Everton recruit Lucas Neill and a pep-talk by his Aussie team mate, Tim Cahill.

To see game highlights without our piss poor attempt at sports journalism, be sure to check out Sony’s Flickr, YouTube Channel and website.


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